Hey Everybody…
Greetings and good wishes.
I hope and trust that you are surviving all of the craziness…
I have a few things to relay here:
I’m singing and playing an actual show!
TOMORROW NIGHT · Tuesday February 15 2022
Radio Dial Restart · LIVE and IN PERSON
Two sets starting around 8:30pm
at NOONAN’s  (FKA The Dora Keogh · 181 Danforth)
Thank you to EVERYONE
who has donated to the TRANZAC GoFundMe Campaign!
The club is nothing without community and that means you!
so THANKS… And if you’re able and haven’t already…
and/or you would consider sharing / posting / tagging the link
we still need $19,749 to finish our remarkable renovation…
If you are a musician, venue owner, tech, bartender…
the Canadian Live Music Association is hosting a survey
re: lifting proof of vaccine requirements.
Your input will assist CLMA members to help
maintain safety and confidence.
My dear friend Isabel Fryszberg has brought together
a collection of wonderful artists to create  D I S T A N C E 
a beautiful recording and dreamily painted and animated video.
It was released just in time for Valentine’s Day.
by Isabel and the Uncommons
And finally, just to let you know
that the TRANZAC is gearing up to RE~OPEN in March !!!
With today’s surprise news… we will assess the degree to which
we'll maintain restrictions to ensure your safety and comfort. 
Please check the website for details.
But RE~OPEN we will!
In the meantime, we've been hosting some magnificent livestreams.
Check them out HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE!